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In her blog, Dr. Esther focuses on nutrition, wellness, anti-aging and prevention, an extension of what you can learn on this site.

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Topics for 2017

1. Warning: New Disease from Tick Bites

2. Drink these to get rid of Belly Bloat

Topics for June 2016:

1.  Dieting vs. Healthy Lifestyle for Longevity

2.  So, You Think You Don’t Need Much Sleep…

3.  Why do you Wake up Tired After a full night’s Sleep?

4.  The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation on Children

5.  Gun Violence, the AMA and Congress

6.  Do You Take OTC Medication, Regularly?

7.  Warning Signs of Dehydration in High Temperatures

8.  Recovery from Surgery, Faster

9.  Salmon Dip or Mousse Recipe

10. The Return of the Dangers of Aspartame by Pepsi

Topics for May 2016:

1.  Healthy Microbiota are Vital to our Health

2.  Facebook posts concerning Orthopedic Massage, Headaches, Plantar Fasciitis, Monthly low back pain and cramps in women, TMJ Dysfunction, Recovery from Joint surgery

3.  How to Improve Your Sleep

4.  Tinted Car Windows and Skin Cancer

5. The One Question Your Medical Doctor Hasn’t asked You

6. Spring Greens with Raspberries Salad Recipe

7.  Celiac: Missed diagnosis 80% of the Time

8.  The Real Danger posed by Cell Phones

Topics for April 2016:

1.  FDA Standards for Arsenic Levels in Baby Food Cereal

2.  Chronic Pain and Depression, A Vicious Circle

3.  The Tongue as a Health Indicator

4.  What Your Face Can Indicate About Your Health

5.  Should You Take an Aspirin a Day?

6.  How Mars Food plans to Keep You Healthy

7.  Guidelines from the Medical Profession for Fats in Your Diet

8.  Women are at Risk in the E.R.

9.  Severe Allergic Reactions to Red Meat Rising

10. Art and Autism

11. Microbiota Rule our Bodies

Topics for March 2016:

1.  Feed Nuts to Your Baby to Help Avoid Future Allergies

2.  Exercise and Brain Health for the Elderly

3.  Importance of Lifestyle Choices on Your Health

4.  Diagnosis of Problems using Body Indicators

Topics for February 2016:

1.  Facts About the Zika Virus

2.  Thermography vs. Mammography for Breast Cancer Screening

3.  A Variation of my Fantastic Brownie Recipe

4.  Updated Information About the Zika Virus

5.  New Information Concerning Bipolar Disorder

6.  Allopathic vs. Wholistic Treatment for Immune Dysfunction

7.  The most Important Item in Your Medicine Cabinet

8.  Diet Soda and Weight Loss

9.  Enhancing a Pamela’s Cookie Mix

Topics for January 2016:

1.  Caution When Purchasing Italian Olive Oil

2.  21-Day Purification Program

3.  CBD/THC: A Tale of two Cannabinoids, Three Part Series

4.  Other Health Risks Associated with IBD

5.  Reasons for Thinning Hair/Balding in Women

6.  GF Savory Biscuit Recipe

7.  Treatment for UTIs

8.  Protocols for Lyme Disease/Syndrome

Topics for December 2015:

1.  Chiropractic Care for Car Accidents

2.  The Statistics Concerning Diabetes in America

3.  What Medication Does For Us and To Us

4.  Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

5.  Causes for Edema (Swelling)

6.  How to Rid the Body of Toxins

7.  Elementary-aged Children at Risk for Stroke & Heart Attack

8.  Another Explanation for Autism

9.  Shingles and the Risk of Stroke & Heart Attack

10. Don’t Eat these Grains, Legumes or Vegies?

11. My Favorite Non-Stick Cookware

12.  A Fantastic Brownie Recipe

13. Information about Fibromyalgia

Topics for November 2015:

1.  Pet Deaths Caused by This Artificial Sweetener

2.  Americans Prefer to Take Drugs Rather than Address their Problem

3.  Cautions about Cell Phone Usage in Children

4.  Meta-Study About the Best Type of Exercise

5.  Information About Hypertension Medication Indicators

6.  Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dishes

7.  A Yummy Non-traditional Thanksgiving Dessert

8.  Deadly Consequences of Antibiotic Resistance

9.  Blood Sugar Responses to Different Foods…a Weizmann Institute Research Video   

10.  GF Double Chocolate Bundt Cake

11.  What Your Nails reveal about Your Health

Topics for October 2015:

1. Why Does Flu Season Begin in November?

2.  How to Survive Flu Season

3.  New Treatment for Auto-Immune Diseases

4.  Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

5.  Eating Lots of This Increases Your Death Risk

6.  How Safe are Regular Vitamin Supplements? (also, see Nutritional Support)

7.  New Pharmaceutical Advertising

8.  An Easy way to Radiant Skin

9.  Amazon vs. Thrive Market Food Prices

10.  The story of two Patients: One Sad, One Happy

11.  The Best Source of daily required Micronutrients

12.  Detailed Discussion about Truvia and Stevia

13.  Sources to Purchase Stevia

Topics for September 2015:

1.  Lyme Disease vs. Lyme Syndrome

2.  Vitamin D for Cancer Patients, a study

3.  Some Fats Keep you Thin and Others Make you Fat

4.  Recipe for Crepes (instead of pancakes)

5.  Five part series: Breast Health & Diet, Supplements & Lifestyle

6.  Correlation between Sugar and Developing Alzheimer’s

7.  Why you Shouldn’t Eat too much Spinach

8.  What the Expiration Date on our Foods Really Means

9.  Fructose Causes Weight Gain, Inactivity and Body Fat

10.  The Pharmaceutical Industry and Celiac Disease

Topics for July & August, 2015:

1.  The Possible Cancer Dangers of Using Talc-containing products

2.  Auto-immune Pathology

3.  Prostate Cancer and Diet

4.  Danger Associated with Putting Plastic Containers in the Dishwasher

5.  The Dangers Associated with Taking Pain Killers

6.  The Fountain of Youth for the Brain

7.  Why Many Cannot Lose Weight, a Six Part Series

8.  Heart Disease and Vitamin D

9.  Dangers of Children Consuming Energy Drinks

10. If You Had the Power to Alter Your Life in 10 Days, Would You do It?

11.  Low Levels of Vitamin D Associated With Developing MS

Salad-edgedThe U.S. government reports that 70% of all Americans are not getting the nutrients they need in order to avoid long-term nutrient deficiency, let alone enough of the proper nutrients to ensure a happy, healthy, well-balanced life.

The only nutritional formulations we carry in our office are whole food, organic.  It is vital that the supplements be whole food as that is the only way to ensure the body is able to assimilate and utilize all the nutrients contained within the formulation.  You simply  cannot get that kind of assimilation from a supplement that is manufactured in a lab.  Additionally, vitamins that are not whole food are “fractionalized” by using petroleum products or even acetone in the production process.  The body can absorb the lab-made vitamins, but cannot utilize them and they frequently cause unpleasant side effects, such as abdominal discomfort, headaches or they simply, ” don’t work.”

We have come to define health as the, “absence of disease,” or the, “absence of symptoms.”  This is not the body’s definition of health.  The body wants to be balanced and function in a state of homeostasis.  It can only accomplish this by being fed a diet of nutritious foods in their most natural state as possible, ample water, no prepackaged or prepared foods and be exposed to as few chemical toxins as possible. This does not reflect the typical American diet…high in sodium, sugars, artificial coloring, saturated fats and junk food and very low in healthy vegetables, fruits and good-fat proteins.  Eating a poor, American-type diet over a period of time has led to childhood and early adult-onset type 2 diabetes, rampant cardiovascular disease, ADHD in our children (and, ever- more adults), various types of intestinal disorders and diseases and, perhaps the most insidious of all, stress-related disorders, not the least of which is depression.  One cannot look at a person and see any results of most of these diseases….therefore, we think we’re a healthy population while we are sinking under the weight of physiological imbalances and breakdown.

Dr. Hersh offers physiological nutritional therapy to those who desire to live a whole, healthy and balanced life.  Many of the chronic conditions that plague us can be helped through identifying the system or systems that are imbalanced, thus inhibiting our body from functioning properly.  Once the imbalances are identified, through a complete nutritional, physiological work-up, individualized protocols are begun, utilizing whole food, organic formulations.  As the body usually takes from 9 months to 2 years to completely heal, Dr. Hersh meets with the patient once a month in order to facilitate the healing process from the acute stage, through the supportive/healing stage, into the wellness stage.  Dr. Hersh also offers phone consultations with those who are unable to come into the office.  You may find the information located on the, “First Visit,” page under the “Phone Consultation,” section for those who wish to choose this option.

“I’m a wellness doctor who loves to help people who want to live healthier lifestyles.  I have been experimenting with non-gluten, non-dairy, low sugar recipes for years and, according to my family and friends, have succeeded in developing tasty masterpieces.  I’m going to be blogging these recipes and wellness tips, so everyone who wants to, can learn a new way of cooking that is simple and easy.” 

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