The treatment that we offer is known as Complimentary Alternative Medicine or C.A.M.  Therapy is based on the most up-to-date research available. This is why Dr. Kollars uses state-of-the-art, scientifically designed instruments to reduce pain and restore normal function, rather than the typical, simple spinal adjustment.

Dr. Kollars’ therapy is designed to:

* Help you connect with the healing powers of your body

*  Manage and reduce pain while improving function (movement)

*  Find the missing link in your health care

*  Repair an injured part of the body and/or recover from any surgery

*  Help you feel young and vibrant

We offer alternative care for the following:

  • immune system deficiency

  • chronic pain

  • whiplash injuries

  • anxieties

  • illnesses not helped by your regular doctor

  • joint or muscle discomfort

  • poor sleep



    You may choose one or two of the following programs or goals from the list below.  This would be a special session and new approach to your wellness endeavor.

    • A.K. (Applied Kinesiology)

    • S.O.T. (blocks/breath-work)

    • Help with chronic joint pain (laser / magnets / vibration / nutrition)

    • Improved function in a particular joint or limb (arthritis

    • Better balance

    •  Walking/running without pain

    • Help with digestion / gut issues

    • Improved sleep

    • Help with chronic headaches &/or migraine headaches

    • Help with  diet &/or weight reduction