About the Doctors

Dr. Kollars  graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences, Chiropractic Division.**  He is married to Dr. Esther Hersh-Kollars, who specializes in Integrated Nutritional Wellness.

For more than 25 years, Dr.Kollars’  philosophy  has  evolved  to  understand  how  the  body compensates due to stress or trauma.  He believes it is extremely important to keep his knowledge up-to-date by reading the latest valid scientific research.   That way, you may be assured of a doctor who values new methods of effective therapy, while incorporating over 25 years of experience into his individualized treatment programs.  He has had great success in treating chronic conditions, migraine headaches, shoulder injuries and joint replacement, as well as  TMJ syndrome.


Dr. Esther Hersh-Kollars is a graduate of the Southern California University of Health Sciences, Chiropractic Division.**   She also holds additional degrees in Biology and Cardiopulmonary physiology. Her primary interest has always been the field of nutrition, having been raised on the philosophy of J.I. Rodale and Adele Davis.  Dr. Hersh specializes in advanced Nutrition and Natural Medicine for the treatment of  symptoms of chronic health conditions.  She keeps up-to-date with all of the cutting edge nutritional studies and breakthroughs by reading valid scientifically-accepted and respected nutritional journals and through attending yearly nutrition-based education seminars.

She also maintains a blog at drhersh.blogspot.com where you can read her updates on such subjects as healthy living and tips for baking and cooking without gluten and dairy. She encourages her readers’ feedback and questions.

She’s always looking for interesting, good tasting and healthy meals and she has included some on this site.  Dr. Hersh-Kollars is presently working on a cook book that includes gluten-free, non-dairy, low glycemic index recipes.   Click on  the “recipes menu” and you’ll be able to view some of her adapted recipes that contain no gluten, dairy, saturated fats or high glycemic index sugars. Included on the “more information” page are both her email drkollars@gmail.com and blog addresses.  If you have any ideas or questions, you may contact her there or by calling  480-390-7698.

**Not all colleges offer the same quality of education.   Chiropractic schools that have achieved “university” status have done so because they have undergone the same rigorous and exhaustive process of certification that the medical schools have undergone.   Our chiropractic college is accredited by the same credentialing committee that accredits all the medical schools located in the western U.S. (WASCc).   Our university has given us the foundation to use our superior education and talents for our cutting edge patient care.


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