Esther Hersh-Kollars, D.C. & Thomas Kollars, D.C.

Dr. Hersh-Kollars offers Integrated Wellness Nutritional therapy for those who  want to enjoy an energetic, full and healthy life, again (see Treatment and Therapy Protocols for specifics).  We offer help to people with chronic problems by re-balancing the body’s physiology and biochemistry through proper nutritional formulations.  Unfortunately, we often cannot identify when we aren’t in balance until we are hurt, stressed, depressed or sick, by which time we are usually caught in a tangled web of symptoms and problems:

Auto-immune imbalances,  intestinal imbalance and illness, female and male hormonal imbalances, sugar imbalance, inability to lose weight, difficulty sleeping,  fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and headaches, to mention the most common.

The body needs to be equipped with the specific nutritional therapeutic tools in order to return to a state of optimal health. We first identify which systems in the body are the most seriously imbalanced, (see Treatment and Therapy Protocols for more detailed information) by a series of highly specific and accurate non-invasive tests and detailed therapeutic questionnaires, and then develop an individualized health and wellness program based upon protocols that have been used by thousands of practitioners to help countless patients for well over 80 years. (see Nutritional Support for specifics)

 For your convenience, you can print out all of the required initial visit forms.  Please follow all the instructions on each of the forms.  When you are finished, please call to set up your appointment. Click here to access:New Patient Forms

Those of you who are in need of pain relief from chronic or acute injury, please see the information concerning the therapy offered by Dr. Thomas Kollars: at Orthopedic Massage & Dr. Thomas Kollars or at his website:

      We are here to empower you through your chosen journey back to health.